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zero floor hands




Jointed pipe connections


  • Reg Layden



    Reg Layden is recognized as a veteran innovator in the oilfield community considering his over 2 1/2 decades experience in cutting edge rig design, development, and operation. This coupled with his roles as GM of North American Operations and GM of International Operations giving him extensive worldwide experience and insight into operators challenges and needs for improvement.

  • Richard Havinga



    Richard has an extensive history in new product development, engineering, manufacturing and design in oilfield operations. Richard’s decades of experience in the industry makes him a leading authority in the conceptualization and creation of next generation drilling rigs. Richard’s prior role as President of an Oilfield drilling contractor has given him hands-on experience in a real-world environment in successfully bringing new technologies to market.

  • Patrick Feighan


    Executive Vice President and Corporate Secretary

    Patrick Feighan is Executive Vice President and Corporate Secretary of Raptor Rig where he is responsible for corporate administration and infrastructure, and corporate governance support. His technical background includes mechanical engineering and project management, with a focus on industrial automation. He has extensive senior management and director experience providing operational and financial management and oversight to technology oriented companies, from initial research and development phases through to maturity. Patrick is a Professional Engineer registered with APEGGA and holds B.Sc. and M.Eng. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary.

  • Brent Layden


    Engineering and Maintenance Manager

    Brent Layden is a Professional Engineer who is respected as a leader in Engineering and Maintenance management. He has held Engineering and Maintenance leadership roles in many industries including power, water, heavy construction, engineering consulting and drilling rig design. This coupled with his engineering experience in power and controls systems gives him a unique perspective on the importance of maintenance considerations in design.

  • Cam Mitchell


    Quality Health Safety Environment

    Cam is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional with over a decade of oilfield experience. Being active in numerous initiatives with the CAODC, Cam has developed Oilfield Health and Safety knowledge that allows him to assist his customers in fostering a Health and Safety environment that exceeds industry standard. With Cam’s assistance, his customer’s health and safety programs are able to meet even the super major’s most stringent requirements.

  • Bernie Wiebe


    Maintenance Development Manager

    Bernie is a licensed Heavy Duty Mechanic who has been active in various industries sectors since 1968; working for several major OEMs. In 1982 he incorporated Alert Systems Ltd. The primary focus is on improved efficiency through Preventive Maintenance Consulting, Training and asset management solutions. He continues to guide many O&G companies world-wide to improved equipment health and operational efficiency. Programs are designed to equip field operations personnel with common sense solutions. See more at

  • Coil Solutions


    Coil Solutions is an industry leading Oil & Gas Equipment and Downhole Tool Manufacturer for customers worldwide in this ever changing industry.

    With our dedicated team of professionals, we offer sales, service, rentals and re-certification/inspection through our 6 locations in Canada and the USA. Coil Solutions is proud to also offer custom Equipment and Tool design for Raptor Rig. Our focus is on predictive reliability and simplicity of design to ensure reduced operation costs with reduced maintenance. For more information please visit

  • Jamie Clarke



    Jamie provides research and analysis based on the verticals of the companies we currently work with. This process involves understanding market size, structure, and direction, as well as the competitive landscape and structuring this information as easily understandable content for the finance and executive teams.

  • Bill Zurawell


    Chief Financial Officer

    Bill is a Certified Professional Accountant/Certified Management Accountant with over 40 years of audit, accounting and finance experience. Prior to joining the team he had worked in the oil and gas industry working for a number of international oil and gas producing companies in a variety of capacities. Currently as a member of an affiliated company has lead the finance team with the responsibility for accounting, finance and tax. Over the past 5 years he has also been responsible for leading the finance team of a partner company with a service rig business in Mexico and was responsible for developing and implementing the business systems, banking and international tax relationships within Mexico.

  • Cameron Epp


    Chief Information Officer

    For more than fifteen years, Cameron has provided leadership and oversight to information technology and compliance initiatives in North America and abroad. He has led teams at every level, whether in governmental compliance projects, multinational oil and gas infrastructure upgrades, industrial automation rollouts or ISO 9001 certification and audit defense. He is uniquely positioned to lead the Raptor Rig teams as they build platforms to support the step change that they are bringing to the drilling industry.


Raptor Rig is the world’s first fully automated drilling rig. Engineered for the future. Reducing the cost of extraction is how O&G will pull the same profit from a $50 barrel of oil that it used to pull from a $80 barrel.

“The backbreaking life of a roughneck, the iconic worker bees of oilfield drilling rigs, is getting a little easier, though, with Raptor Rig”


“While incumbent, legacy practices, and technologies are hard to deviate from, a fundamentally different industry dynamic must be met with a new and innovative approach to building a sustainable model.”


“The revolutionary aspect of this rig is its ability to do connections outside of the critical path, so the drilling pipe rig is almost continuously drilling-making the connection outside the drilling path, which no other rig in the world does.”


“An Alberta-based team of industry veterans is hoping to take drill rig automation to a new level”


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